Clinton Barker, Jasmine Crisp, Richard Janson, Veronika Zeil  Think Yayoi Kusama or James Rosenquist. In a world that’s at times almost hyperreal, hi-fi and synthetic-aesthetic, we are exploring all things pop culture and pop art; projecting bright, dynamic themes to reflect this HD, 4K reality and its underlying notions. With the rise of ‘Instagrammable art’ in the form of dynamic, interactive art installations and bold, contrasting pieces, art is becoming both an immersive and ‘jolting’ experience. This exhibition will capture the viewer’s attention in jarring, comic book fashion, giving way to lasting impressions, and ultimately creating a dynamic atmosphere of clashing thought provocation with works that pop!

29 Aug - 2 Oct

GALA Gallery

35-37 Macaree Street, Berserker QLD, Australia