Plant + Human

For many the intimate connection between humans and the botanical has often been assumed, overlooked or not even considered. For others, plants are revered and appreciated through the filter of cultural beliefs and practices.

The artists in Plant + Human approach their vegetal subjects with intensity, exploring both our historical and contemporary entanglements with ecology.

The performance-driven work of Pony Express assumes an equality in the plant–human relationship that importantly considers plants as sentient beings. While, Merri Randell’s Touching the Mauri (2018) acknowledges heritage and wellbeing through old growth trees.

Our inter-species relationship is formalised in the aesthetics of Erica Seccombe’s series Permutations (2018). Phillip George, Steven Cavanagh and Polixeni Papapetrou each consider flora as a cultural symbol of life and death, beauty and abundance. While the photography of Hayley Millar-Baker and Liss Fenwick explore the politics of place, plants and human habitation.

Through art and nurture, Diana Scherer has created delicate laces from root fibres, designed to wrap or clothe the human body. It seems nature has trained our understanding of existence more than we realise.

Participating artists: Liss Fenwick, Phillip George, Hayley Millar-Baker, Polixeni Papapetrou, Pony Express, Helen Pynor, Merri Randell, Diana Scherer, Erica Seccombe.

15 Feb - 27 Apr

Australian Centre for Photography (ACP)

72 Oxford Street Darlinghurst NSW