Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland

Catharine Ellis and Kay Faulkner

Parallel: Catharine Ellis and Kay Faulkner

Over 20 years ago ‘woven shibori’ was launched onto the world stage by Catharine Ellis of North Carolina, USA and Kay Faulkner of Birkdale, Australia. Their research occurred independently and simultaneously. At Convergence 1998, an international weaving conference in Atlanta USA, Ellis taught the first workshop on woven shibori and Faulkner had the first article published in Weavers magazine. When they met they discovered many parallels, and since then Ellis and Faulkner continued a friendship forged by an ongoing fascination with the process and a willingness to share. In many ways their approaches are similar while in others they are very different.

10 Mar - 14 Apr

Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland

Cnr Middle and Bloomfield Streets Cleveland QLD 4163