Panels that Transform

Safdar Ahmed, Nicky Minus and Sam Wallman. Curators: Justine Lloyd and Can Yalcinkaya.

Comics and graphic novels with activist agendas are often creative non-fiction texts which aim to inform and educate the public on issues of social justice in engaging and entertaining ways. The exhibition Panels that Transform features old and new original works by three Australian artists/activists—Safdar Ahmed, Sam Wallman and Nicky Minus, who are internationally recognised through their graphic narratives on issues that demand our attention such as the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers, gender equality, climate justice and the trade union movement. Having been published in The New York Times, The Guardian, SBS, ABC, Overland, and the Lifted Brow, as well as in limited edition zines, brochures and pamphlets, their works capture the vibrancy and vitality of activist causes and invite their readers to take part in positive societal transformation.

The opening night will feature a mini zine fair and a live comics storytelling event organised in collaboration with Read to Me. During the course of the exhibition, there will be other satellite events, including a symposium on Arts, Media and Activism; a workshop Visualising Research; and a satellite exhibition at the Macquarie University Arts Precinct featuring political comics and cartoons from the archives of Macquarie University History Museum.

Supported by Centre for Media History and the Faculty of Arts.

1 Sep - 30 Oct