Not Young or Free!

Due to COVID-19 restrictions Boomalli’s gallery space is currently closed to the public. However, the exhibition Not Young or Free! can be viewed online in full here.

Euphemia Bostock, Bronwyn Bancroft, Jeffrey Samuels, Arone Meeks, Gordon Syron, Danny Eastwood, Blak Douglas, Trevor Eastwood, Jamie Eastwood, Deborah Taylor, Graham Toomey, Charmaine Davis, Chenaya Bancroft-Davis, Sharon Smith, Debra Beale, Hayley Pigram, Jai Walker, Kevin May, Jenny Fraser, Jessica Johnson and Camellia Boney.

Not Young or Free! is Boomalli’s response exhibition to the 250th anniversary of Cook’s HMS endeavour first voyage to Australia and the Pacific. Not Young or Free! highlights the importance of truth telling from the perspective of Aboriginal Artists from NSW Aboriginal Language Groups.

15 May - 29 Jun


55 - 59 Flood St Leichhardt NSW 2040