Craft Victoria

Numbulwar Numburindi Arts – Joy Wilfred, Jocelyn Wilfred, Megan Wilfred and Virginia Wilfred


‘Nanja’ literally translates to ‘nets’ in Nunggubuyu language. However these days ‘nanja’ mainly refers to introduced marine debris – discarded fishing nets, shade cloth, nautical rope and other cast-off materials that plague ocean and river sources.

The Wilfred sisters—Joy Wilfred, Jocelyn Wilfred, Megan Wilfred and Virginia Wilfred—replicate traditional dilly bags with found contemporary materials like nanja to tell a contemporary narrative about the environmental deterioration of their homelands, but also the responsibility that befalls custodians in making Country beautiful again. Brightly coloured acrylics replace ochre stripes for clan identification and individual expression.

20 June—27 July

Craft Victoria

Watson Place, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia