KINGS Artist-Run

Carolyn Craig

Mining subjectivities  

Mining the sublime uses open cut mining sites as a pivot through which to investigate colonial extraction economies over both the landscape and the subjective landscape of bodies. The project started

through my obsession with mining images on the Internet that replicate the sublime landscape. These images use the western metaphoric trope to enact a sequence of ideological power relations over processes of viewing and consuming place. I appropriate these images and then intervene with them through drawing processes to bring back bodily desire into the landscape of extraction. These images are then returned to the materiality of mining through the use of substrates that mimic the materials of extraction such as concrete, metal and building insulation rolls. Coal dust is integrated into the printed process in order to embed residues of man’s capital desire.

1 Jun - 22 Jun

KINGS Artist-Run

171 King Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia