Michelle Young-Hares

Michelle Young-Hares is from Scotland and was artist-in-residence at Canberra Potters from December 2018 to February 2019. Young-Hares’s current practice explores the nature of growth and fecundity. Fascinated by pattern, shape and form, her work describes the experience of being alive, of growth and potential contained within buds, nodes, pods, swellings and tendrils. Her complex clay sculptures are formed by attaching, grouping and creating new forms, recognisable in parts but startling in new juxtapositions. She took advantage of her Canberra residency to explore and utilise in her work some of the plants, seedpods, insects and geological formations she found in the Canberra region.

21 Mar - 14 Apr

Watson Arts Centre

1 Aspinall Street Watson ACT 2602