Mad Mossy: Murder, Mayhem and the Forgotten Class

Albert Andrew Moss is almost lost to history, but 80 years ago his name was everywhere. Whispered in pubs, front parlours and corner stores, Dubbo was gripped by the story of ‘Mossy’ and his dramatic trial for the murder of three men. The trial was the most sensational of its day with claims that Moss had killed up to 13 men across NSW. It would place Dubbo at the centre of and explosive criminal tragedy. But was he guilty? Did he get a fair trial? And was the legal system of the day up to handling ‘Mad Mossy’? This is a WPCC exhibition.

29 Jun - 24 Nov

Western Plains Cultural Centre

Dubbo Regional Gallery - The Armati Bequest, 76 Wingewarra Street Dubbo NSW 2830