Thienny Lee Gallery

Ishbel Morag Miller 

lora Abunda Australis 

Artist Ishbel Morag Miller continues her love of painting from life. This series of work features predominantly her still life paintings focusing on the play of light and colour in addition to reflections and shadows. She deliberately employs glass bottles, vases, ceramics and drapery to create an interaction of translucent colourful reflections. Dedication is drawn to the beauty of Australia’s unique flora and fauna in many of her still life works through the selection of native flowers such as Banksia and Grevillea. Her delicate response to light is a unifying element in her collection of works creating an intimate poetic atmosphere, to which she fervently gives expression.

3 Jun - 22 Jun

Thienny Lee Gallery

176 New South Head Road, Edgecliffe NSW 2027