Line Work

Mildura Arts Centre Collection.

‘Line’ is one of the fundamental elements of art and design (visual language). In its endless uses and permutations ‘line’ can communicate shape, form, direction; it can evoke texture; it can generate emotion or relate something from our own experience. ‘Line’ can say little or much in ways that are culturally universal or unique.

Specifically curated to demonstrate the diversity of applications of ‘line’ in visual language, this exhibition brings together works as seemingly disparate as a Degas nude with a Lee Ufan installation typical of the Mono-ha movement. Then again are works by First Nations artists whose use of line is embedded within ancient continuing culture. Line Work will take the viewer on a journey of ‘line’ through the Mildura Arts Centre Collection.

24 Jun - 11 Sep

Mildura Arts Centre

199 Cureton Avenue Mildura VIC 3500