Thienny Lee Gallery

Phillipa Butters and Paul Williams

Liminal Moments

Following on their previous duo-exhibitions with a shared affinity for spontaneity and abstraction, Liminal Moments is the third exciting collaboration between acclaimed artists Phillipa Butters and Paul Williams. The latest exhibition is a deeper exploration referencing liminality, highlighting its ambiguous and often unknown nature, focusing on its in-between state or threshold that opens the way to something new. Artist-cum-art therapist, Butters’ latest work centres around the initial response to person or place, and the transitioning relations and responsive conversation between the self, the canvas and the creative process. Multi-awardwinning artist, Williams’s landscape paintings suggest a bridge spanning a river, indicating a rite of passage. His figurative work also conveys a feeling of ambiguity or alternative reality when navigating a liminal space.

22 Apr - 11 May

Thienny Lee Gallery

176 New South Head Road, Edgecliffe NSW 2027