Let The World Burn

Featuring an uncomfortable intermingling of images, words, ideologies and materials. Achieved through painstaking hand embroidering techniques, Yore uses these to question the cultural codes that govern one’s body and behaviour, and examine the role of art within society.

Let the World Burn takes What a Horrid Fucking Mess (2016) as its central piece. Acquired by Ararat Gallery TAMA in 2016, What a Horrid Fucking Mess is a large-scale, hand sewn, mixed media textile work that incorporates applique, embroidery and painting alongside collaged found material: Australiana sourced from kitsch tea-towels, graphics from T-shirts and many other disparate elements.

9 Nov - 1 Mar

Ararat Gallery TAMA

82 Vincent Street, Ararat VIC 3377, Australia