Hahndorf Academy

John Ashcroft


Throughout history, the head has been the focus of enhancement in the form of hairstyles, hats, bonnets, cosmetics and jewellery – especially during the Renaissance when the inner essence of a sitter was intended to be revealed by the artist. Yet while artists such as Bronzino, Raphael and Donatello are exalted, the names of hatters, milliners, jewellers and hair stylists remain unheard. It could be argued that these unnamed artisans were the abstract sculptors of their day. Hence, LA TÊTE explores the idea of the head as the sculptor’s mandrel. John Ashcroft (Senior) is a Melbourne artist, his works are full of colour and vibrancy which matches his passion for art.

Opening 19 January, 6pm.

13 Dec - 10 Feb

Hahndorf Academy

Hahndorf South Australia