Alcaston Gallery

Bob Burruwal and Lena Yarinkura

Kunkamak Ngarrwoneng – Our house of culture

Bob Burruwal and Lena Yarinkura’s Kunkamak ngarrwoneng (“our house of culture”) is an exhibition of Djarngo – laws, natural forces, animals, objects, emotions and phenomena – that form the artists’ religious beliefs. Burruwal and Yarinkura practice and instruct young people in ceremony, rituals, dance, song, art making and Kune and Rembarrnga lifeways.

The artists have transformed paperbark, pandanus, feathers, ochres, stringybark, hand rolled string, and other plant and animal matter from their clan estates in Arnhem Land to manifest the characters, artefacts, homes and sites from Kune and Rembarrnga religion.

5 Sep - 6 Oct

Alcaston Gallery

11 Brunswick Street Fitzroy VIC 3065