PG Gallery

Helen Kocis Edwards


Helen Kocis Edwards explores human/nature relationships through imagery of imagined worlds reminiscent of story books and fairy tales to create a sense of the familiar. The work seeks to disrupt the human/nature binary by interweaving and connecting figures, man made and natural elements.

Kindred poses the notion that this interconnectedness has reciprocal and beneficialeffects; physically, emotionally and environmentally. An experimental, organic print process of monoprinting using native leaf species and cut out stencils from discarded plastic is used to integrate humans, flora, fauna and manufactured elements within abstract narratives. The printing process layers the impressions of each item, creating a dialogue between the parts.

Play with scale, placement, texture, form and colour allows the pieces to shift and proceed while their characteristics and relationships emerge and evolve. The effect movement within nature has on the senses is considered by implying a bodily absorption and internal response. The work is deliberately joyous to celebrate what currently exists and provide hope for the future through recognition and care.

Kindred explores the complex and symbiotic connections of living creatures and plants within physical and emotional landscapes.

6 August—17 August

PG Gallery

227 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy