Outback Arts Gallery

Burra Mchughes, George Williams, Sooty Welsh, Maddy Hodgetts, Brian Smith

Keep the fire burning – Black, Loud and Proud

In line with this years NAIDOC theme, our Curator and Executive Director has pulled together an exhibition to celebrate and reflect the them Keep the Fire Burning Blak Loud and Proud. The exhibition amplifies the enduring strength and vitality of our artists, our communities and the connection through generations despite all the challenges and adversity faced. Keeping the fire burning is about unity, pride, preservation and our artists commitment to acknowledging and sharing cultural heritage in our modern world. As we celebrate this theme, explore the artwork, the artists and stories we hope the audience can join to celebrate the continuation of the oldest living culture in the world.

1 July—30 August

Outback Arts Gallery

26 Castlereagh Street, Coonamble NSW 2829, Australia