Just Not Australian

Just Not Australian brings together a group of 20 living Australian artists across generations and mediums to deal broadly with the origins and implications of contemporary Australian nationhood. This timely thematic show will look to showcase the common sensibilities of satire, larrikinism and resistance in order to interrogate and interpret presenting and representing Australian identity.Artspace and Sydney Festival Present Just Not Australian.

Participating artists are: Soda_Jerk, Abdul Abdullah, Hoda Afshar, Tony Albert, Cigdem Aydemir, Liam Benson, Eric Bridgeman, Jon Campbell, Karla Dickens, Fiona Foley, Gordon Hookey, Richard Lewer, Archie Moore, Vincent Namitjira, Nell, Raquel Ormella, Ryan Presley, Joan Ross and Tony Schwenson.

18 Jan - 28 Apr


43 - 51 Cowper Wharf Road Woolloomooloo NSW 2011