Indian Ocean Craft Triennial: Codes in Parallel

Following the success of IOTA21, the second Triennial is informed by the theme, ‘Codes in Parallel’, which contemplates the multi-various languages inherent in contemporary craft. With a particular focus on the Indian Ocean Region, this multi-venue festival celebrates stories, old and new, re-acknowledging the innovative role of craft practices in today’s fast evolving technological era, and revealing how craft is integral to enhancing community cohesion, environmental impact and socio-economic improvement.

John Curtin Gallery is a Major Exhibition Partner for IOTA24. The ‘Futuring Craft 24’ conference will extend the dialogue about the ‘Value of Craft’, co-hosted by IOTA and Curtin University’s School of Design & the Built Environment, 3-6 September.

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2 August—29 September

John Curtin Gallery Curtin University

Building 200, Curtin University, Kent Street Bentley WA 6102