Zory McGrath


In this representative-abstract series of works, artist Zory McGrath focuses on the concept of a person’s identity and the depiction of their appearance in this current era of social media and corporate facelessness. McGrath delves into the notion of the highly developed world of easy access information and data, the culture of materialism and the result- oriented society we live in where many feel lost in obscurity.

Incognito seeks to evoke the visual patterns and senses of the ‘human’, stripped of all formal elements and facets. It conveys the concept of the social constructivism and our understanding about life growing out of our experiences and emotional responses. Incognito realistically reviews us in a distorted status.

Human nature looks for a guide, a beacon of hope, something bright amid depression. The sharp colour contrast and bold colour of the surfaces provoke the viewer to a deeper emotional response with its symbolic qualities referencing traditional iconography and recognisable human element. Opening 22 August.

20 Aug - 31 Aug


509 High Street, Prahran VIC, Australia