IN CAHOOTS: Artists Collaborate Across Country

Presented by Fremantle Arts Centre.

Almost two years in the making and spanning the nation, IN CAHOOTS: Artists Collaborate Across Country celebrates the unique and energised artistic works that emerge when artists collaborate across cultures. The exhibition is the result of six residencies with remote and regional Aboriginal Arts Centres, undertaken by independent Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists from across Australia.

In the spirit of artists working together and under the radar, IN CAHOOTS is an apt, if slightly mischievous banner for these partnerships. Such camaraderie was vital in the face of challenges such as washed out roads, flat tyres and extreme weather—in addition to the immense personal and creative energy and logistical efforts that have gone into these collaborative projects. At the heart of these collaborations is an exceptional willingness to explore, experiment, learn and share across cultures.

Participating artists and arts centres: Tony Albert & Warakurna Artists, Neil Aldum & Baluk Arts, Louise Haselton & Papulankutja Artists, Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro & Martumili Artists, Trent Jansen & Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency, Curtis Taylor & Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Arts Centre. Curated by Erin Coates, Fremantle Arts Centre.

20 Aug - 23 Oct