Immortal Stories

As a writer, I have a strong attraction to stories. This work can be best described as sculptural illustrations of personal fairy tales. I am attracted to the stories we tell about ourselves and our families; the ones that define us or that we use to redefine ourselves. After a trip to Egypt in 2017, I became interested in notions of immortality. The stories we tell provide a potential way for us to live forever.  Egyptians illustrated their important stories in sculptural relief carvings to preserve them and my stories are finding expression in low relief sculptural illustrations. This work is largely produced in crochet which, in a very literal sense, follows the pattern of a story, it is a single thread with a beginning and an end and many intervening twists and turns. Crocheting these important stories is a very real way for me to anchor them, to tie them down and make sure they continue to exist. – Mikaela Castledine.

3 Sep - 23 Sep