If the future is to be worth anything: 2020

South Australian Artist Survey Aida Azin, Kate Bohunnis, Sundari Carmody, Carly Dodd, fine print, Yusuf Hayat, Matt Huppatz, Tutti Arts, Sandra Saunders, Emmaline Zanelli

Recent events have exposed how truly our lives are enmeshed with those of others – with the potential for both support and harm. What brings together the artists featured in this exhibition is an engagement with a world beyond art, directed towards thoughtful and productive experimentation, the re-envisioning of self and structures, and aesthetic tactics for strength, vulnerability and survival.

If artists can show you the world as they see it, what we learn from a project that situates itself here, in South Australia, is about new and local perspectives on the way culture is formed, how art is made and what counts as art.

12 Sep - 12 Dec

ACE Open

Lion Arts Centre Adelaide