I will never run out of love nor lies

The use of language within artmaking is a powerful tool to negotiate identity through social, political and personal narratives, as it provides the artist with agency over their message and prompts the audience to confront societal issues or considerations. I will never run out of lies nor love is an upcoming collaborative project by Sydney-based curators Nanette Orly and Sebastian Henry-Jones that invites artists to contribute a work, either text based, spoken word or performance. Bringing together the works of local and international artists across a variety of mediums ranging from sculptural installation, video and large scale textile, in this exhibition language is used to make tangible that which often goes unheard. Through language we bear witness to the complexities of inherited trauma and how it manifests into dreams, are struck by the social nuance of romance, feel a personal story embodied and read a contemporary response to a traditional proverb. Elsewhere we observe the secrecy of words carved into a table, and their capacity for tenderness when used in homage to a grandfather recently lost. Featuring artists Manisha Anjali, Natasha Matila-Smith, EJ Son, Rosie Isaac and Angie Pai.

10 Jul - 3 Aug

Bus Projects

25-31 Rokeby Street Collingwood VIC 3066