Hot Blood

Artists include Chen Zhe, Xiao Lu, Patty Chang, Cui Jie, Geng Xue, Geng Yini, Firenze Lai, Leung Mee-Ping, Liang Tao, Mia Liu, Yin Xiuzhen , Shi Zhiying, and Sun Furong.

Bold. Audacious. Raw. The exhibition at the White Rabbit is not for the faint of heart. From psychedelic dancing Gods, to disturbing erotic encounters, Hot Blood brings together 24 artists who are not afraid to take risks. Working in the post-internet era, the ideas of age, gender and national identity have become relics of the past as these unflinching artists refuse to be labelled or limited. Passionate, irreverent – and downright subversive – White Rabbit invites you to meet the next generation of global artists as they delve into dramas ranging from sexual desire and bodily frailty to spiritual ecstasy and our need for human connection.

15 Mar - 4 Aug