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Tiger Yaltangki

High Voltage  

Please note that Alcaston Gallery is currently closed in line with current COVID-19 restrictions. The exhibition High Voltage can be viewed online in full here.

In creating his bold and vibrant artworks, Yaltangki merges elements from his traditional Anangu heritage with his avid appreciation for popular culture, in particular his obsession with Rock n Roll music, to create a whimsical visual universe where vivid characters come to life within his striking abstract landscapes.

High Voltage is Yaltangki’s homage to the legendary and iconic Australian rock band, AC/DC, with their distinctive band logo and incendiary worship of the electric guitar inspiring Yaltangki’s most recent creative output. The unparalleled energy of AC/DC’s music pulsates through the artworks, as Yaltangki embraces the dynamism and originality to transcend all artistic boundaries, resulting in an explosion of colour, strength and unique self-expression.

“I love the electric energy Tiger brings to these artworks. Ironically, they immediately take me back to where it all began…With young Scottish migrants who formed a band and created music that would resonate throughout the world as quintessential Australian rock.” – Michael Browning, founding band manager for AC/DC

Yaltangki’s career continues to soar to new heights, having been curated into several significant exhibitions and shortlisted for prestigious art prizes including the Archibald Prize, Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, and the Paul Guest Prize in 2020. Yaltangki’s work is featured in numerous public and private collections in Australia and overseas including the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney; Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra; the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin; and the Fondation Opale, Switzerland.

8 Sep - 24 Sep

Alcaston Gallery

84 William Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia