Hey Sport

The body of work Hey Sport by Neil Duncan is a simply stunning series of impressionistic images of a range of sports, shot at slow shutter speeds. As always, be it in his commercial or art photography, Duncan strives to deliver unique and creative images. All of the work in this collection has been meticulously thought-out before Duncan hit the shutter. Duncan’s international professional career has spanned more than 50 years, from commercial and press photography and more recently to art exhibitions.

During his days as a press photographer, he covered events ranging from Royal wedding of Prince Charles and Diana in St Paul’s Cathedral to America’s Cup yacht races in Rhode Island, test cricket and other big-time sports.

Duncan has been a finalist in the Moran Prize, the NSW Parliamentary Plein Air Photography Prize, and The Head On Portrait Prize. The National Portrait Gallery and the National Archives hold some of Duncan’s photography.

30 Apr - 3 May

The Maud Street Photo Gallery

6 Maud Street, Newstead QLD, Australia