Hill Smith Gallery

Lisa Tomasetti

Happy After Ever  

“With the advent of digitisation and the passing of ‘peak camera,’ my intention with ‘Happy After Ever’ is to produce a series of photographs re-stating the lasting power of the photographic image.

With the rise of the smart phone what constitutes a lasting image, and what effect has digital expression had on photography’s value in art making? Does the image sustain value beyond the experience of its capture?

This series continues my interpretative response to the work of the Dutch Masters, but enlists landscape elements to further my investigation of notions of permanence in photography’s digital realm. By placing the figure in inhospitable, timeless environments the work contemplates whether photography’s contemporary digital expression risks its legacy as lasting cultural artefact.”

– Lisa Tomasetti, 2019

21 Mar - 27 Apr

Hill Smith Gallery

113 Pirie Street Adelaide SA 5000