Devonport Regional Gallery

Karen Hall and Patrick Sutczak


Knitting together the surface, mediating between soil and air, grass is something more walked over than thought through.

The replacement of native grasses with imported species across Australia is a marker of settler colonisation: the agricultural practices that created conditions for introduced grass species to flourish are bound up in the larger patterns of displacement in intertwined cultural and ecological contexts.

This exhibition will be an installation evoking the Midlands landscape, bringing together stone, earth, wood, sound and grasses. The use of these materials reflects displacement, regeneration, and conservation. Entering into the gallery space invites viewers to place themselves over the fenceline, to be amidst this changing land.

6 Jun - 12 Jul

Devonport Regional Gallery

paranaple arts centre, 145 Rooke Street, Devonport TAS 7310