Glamorama Futurama

The exhibition is across eight lightboxes across three Darwin Locations: The Mall, Chinatown and Nightcliff Pool as a celebration of Peter Dermoudy’s Futuro House. It is curated by Koulla Roussos and features original new works by Darwin contemporary artists: Polly Johnstone, Fernanda Dupal, Tarzan JungleQueen, Matthew van Roden and Gloria Richards.

2018 marks 50 years since the first Futuro prototype designed by Finnish designer Matti Suuronen was unveiled at an international architecture fair at the height of the space race. Darwin architect Peter Dermoudy brought one of these to Darwin and lived inside it until Cyclone Tracy destroyed it in 1974. Though designed as a ski chalet, for the northern European winter, it’s insulated design ensured that air-conditioning use and power expenses were minimised.

According to curator Koulla Roussos, “This project aims to celebrate Darwin’s urban history and to place its architecture and life style at the forefront of international popular culture. Though at the “frontier” of Australia, Darwin’s unique ecological, social and architectural history provided a haven for queer and eccentric characters who contributed to Darwin’s accommodating and experimental spirit. Glamorama Futurama! celebrates our contemporary artists and their contribution to our unique lifestyle.”

Official opening: Friday 8 June.