Gallery and online: Beautiful enemies  

Thumb Print Inc. featuring the work of Libby Altschwager, Julie Bignell, Anne Headlam, Jean McArthur, Anne Miles, Sally O’Connor, Lilija Quill, Ruth Schubert, Trudy Tandberg, Diana Wiseman, and Stephanie Yoannidis.

Setting themselves the challenge of research and making new work, Thumb Print Inc. presents their latest exhibition Beautiful Enemies, exploring our day to day competition with exotic species of flora and fauna. In a region noted for its natural features, introduced species not only threaten our native animals, but also creep into our daily lives, through our gardens, waterways and nature reserves.

Using a wide variety of printmaking techniques, Beautiful Enemies features works portraying unwanted plants, animals and insects, drawing attention to the tension between beauty and danger.

21 Mar - 20 Sep

Riddoch Art Gallery

1 Bay Road Mount Gambier SA 5290