Frances Barrett: Meatus 

Presented as part of Suspended Moment: The Katthy Cavaliere Fellowship

Commissioning curator: Annika Kristensen. Drawing on her background in performance, curating and collaborative models of making, Frances Barrett has expanded the solo commissioning focus of the Katthy Cavaliere Fellowship to present new sonic compositions and live performances by multiple artists. Alongside a major sound installation by Barrett, developed in collaboration with Hayley Forward and Brian Fuata, Barrett has curated specially commissioned sound compositions by artists Nina Buchanan, Del Lumanta and Sione Teumohenga, as well as a series of incursions by Debris Facility Ltd.

A ‘meatus’ is an opening or passage leading to the interior of the body. Encompassing a range of sensations and functions, the plurality of meatus becomes a way for Barrett to explore the practice of listening that decentres the ear to activate the entire body, attuned to both conscious responses and unconscious intensities. Barrett has conceived of ACCA’s four galleries as an immersive environment of sound and light—a performative staging of the body, which bleeds and leaks, and into which the audience may enter to consider the physical, sensual and critical experience of listening.

2 Apr - 19 Jun