Neon Parc – City

Darren Sylvester

Forever twenty one

A truly multidisciplinary artist who works in photography, sculpture, video, installation, performance and music, Sylvester’s work is the result of a detailed process of planning and research, with handmade sets and props photographed in the studio. Running concurrently with his much lauded survey exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, Carve a future, devour everything, become something, this new exhibition for Neon Parc, including photography and sculpture, references pop cultural oddities and encompasses themes of desire, mortality and ennui.

Highlights include the multi-panel photographic work Horizon, which uses the symbolism of air travel, (one of Sylvester’s recurring themes) to illustrate different simulated cloud formations; a levitated ‘ghost’ which resists the afterlife by smelling of high end perfume; and a large-scale portrait in which twenty-one year old ‘goths’ hang sullenly surround a staircase. Suspended in youth purgatory, the sad models’ dull expressions sit in stark contrast to the faux couture which adorns their waif-like figures and frozen poses, simultaneously exposing and encasing common signifiers, such as advertisements and everyday objects. In this new suite of works, Sylvester creates a window into the collective unconsciousness of our time.

29 May - 6 Jul

Neon Parc – City

1/53 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000