Araluen Arts Centre, Mparntwe

Artist in residence – Kim Mahood


To celebrate Araluen’s 40th anniversary Kim Mahood was invited to undertake an artist in residence on the Araluen precinct in the newly renovated art studio.

Across seven weeks Kim continued her deep connection to Central Australia and immersed herself in the Country surrounding Mparntwe/Alice Springs and responded to it through this series of evocative drawings.

Kim allowed herself to stop, look, and listen and realised this 360 degree view of the Country that surrounds the Araluen Arts Centre.

“To draw or paint a place is an act of deep attention and perseverance. It requires you to bring all your senses to the task – to listen and look and feel, and to translate the multi-dimensional repertoire of sensations into marks on a two-dimensional surface. Even a bad drawing is an act of homage. A good drawing is a gift to both the artist and the place.

Through this series of drawings, and the energy, attention, trepidation and discomfort expended in producing them, I hope to communicate something of the unsettling awe this ever-present, ever-changing, enigmatic landscape produces in me.”

Kim Mahood

1 June—11 August

Araluen Arts Centre, Mparntwe

61 Larapinta Drive, Araluen NT, Australia