Flood Plain

Ian Abdullah, Narelle Autio, Nici Cumpston, Suzanne Connelly-Klidomitis, John Davis, Bonita Ely, David Freedman, Thomas Henty, Kenneth Jack , James Trevor, Wendy McDonald , Marilyne Nicholls, Rhyll Plant, George Rathbone, Wouter Van de Voorde and Wayne Viney.

For many thousands of years the Murray Darling Basin and this region‘s rivers, tributaries, creeks, billabongs and lakes have provided sustenance for grasslands, forests, native wildlife, birdlife, and people.

An eclectic collection of works that will touch on the many ways that generations of families and individuals engage with the waterways and country of this region, through occupation, culture and recreation. It will also touch on the impact of this engagement with the environment and society.

6 Mar - 10 May