Craft + Design Canberra

Ximena Briceño

Five Dresses for Wari Goddess

Five Dresses for a Wari Goddess explores colour, materiality and iconography in fashion through an Andean lens. In the context of Andean iconography, camelids (alpacas, llamas and vicuñas) have been represented in textiles, metal works, and ceramics as a form of decoration and patterns since the Pre-Columbian period in Peru.

Artist Ximena Briceño has created five dresses crafted from titanium, aluminum and cardboard using camelids as a main form of decoration, showcasing Trans-Pacific craft and skill. Ximena Briceño’s core career interests lie in the history of art and its nexus with trade, including the fine arts and crafts, jewellery and precious metal work developed in different cultures.

19 July—24 August

Craft + Design Canberra

Level 1, North Building, 180 London Circuit Canberra ACT 2600