Experimenta Life Forms

Daniel Boyd;  Michael Candy; Oron Catts & Ionat Zurr; Brad Darkson; Donna Davis ; Justine Emard; Anton Hasell; Floris Kaayk; Kite & Devin Ronneberg; Thomas Marcusson; m0wson&MOwson; Uyen Nguyen, Max Piantoni & Matthew Riley; PluginHUMAN; Helen Pynor; Dominic Redfern; Theresa Schubert; Rebecca Selleck ; Agat Sharma; Miranda Smitheram; Laura Woodward (Aus)

Philosophers have wrestled with defining life for thousands of years. Experimenta Life Forms reveals how contemporary artists are approaching this perennial question, at a time when technological change and new research findings are making definitions of ‘life’ increasingly difficult to pin down. What new life forms are emerging through technological and biological adaptation and invention? Are our definitions of life shifting because of new scientific discoveries? How do First Nation’s epistemologies influence our ways of thinking and understanding life? How are notions of our place in the web of life changing now that research is identifying sentience in animals, plant-life, and maybe soon to be found in our machines?

Experimenta Life Forms is a timely exhibition featuring a diversity of artforms including robotics, bio-art, screen-based works, installations, participatory and generative art. The exhibition showcases 26 leading Australian and international

9 Mar - 9 May