Institute of Modern Art

Group Exhibition

Duty of Care

Care may seem to be a self-evidently-good idea—who would want to argue against it?—but it is a complex and elastic notion. It also implies opposite, ‘uncaring’ positions meat eaters and gas guzzlers, capitalists and conservatives. Is care a new culture-wars frontline, a new us-and-them?

Duty of Care addresses care every which way, drawing on works that passionately argue for care and works that critique or test our assumptions about it. Combining different generational and cultural perspectives, it explores care as obligation; care and race, gender, and class; institutional and professional care; artists as healers; and extreme care. A partnership between the IMA and Griffith University Art Museum, Duty of Care is an exhibition presented in two parts with an international line up of artists.

With: Kathy Barry, Benetton/Oliviero Toscani, Joshua Citarella, Martin Creed, Julian Dashper, Florian Habicht, Hossei, Mike Kelley, Leigh Ledare, Teresa Margolles, Dani Marti, Dane Mitchell, Betty Muffler, Michael Parekōwhai, Tabita Rezaire, Michael Stevenson, Cassie Thornton/The Hologram, and Artur Żmijewski.

29 June—22 September

Institute of Modern Art

420 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley QLD 4006