Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA)

Olivia Oluwayemi Suleimon and Naomi Impa Musemu

Dream Variations

New commission by Olivia Oluwayemi Suleimon and Naomi Impa Musemu.

Collection artists include Allan Chawner, Brook Andrew, Cherine Fahd, Destiny Deacon, Russell Drysdale, Tracey Moffatt, Tommy McRae and Viva Jillian Gibb.

Curated by Kelly Dezart-Smith, Dream Variations guides us through an intersectional bla(c)k poetics of freedom and its prohibition within the Murray Art Museum Albury collection.

The exhibition includes rarely shown sculptures, paintings, and photographs from the Collection alongside a new video commission, Green Pastures, to hold a conversation about bla(c)k creativity and self-determination. Part of an artistic and social movement for bla(c)k self-determination, the exhibition encourages an embodied engagement with the Museum and the artworks it presents and collects to open up how, and where, we can engage in bla(c)k dreaming.

Works from the Murray Art Museum Albury Collection that remind us that home does not always need to be made of brick and mortar – it can be a sense of belonging, a fleeting memory, the people around us, or the ground under our feet.

20 October—18 February