PG Gallery

Group Exhibition

Dream Sanctuary

In this exhibition, artists explore depictions of wildlife and landscapes through the lenses of dreams and the unconscious. Whimsy, intellect, social consciousness, spiritualism, myth… the grotesque, and cuddliness collectively span the spectrum of inspirations and emotions. We see reconfigurations of the familiar into the unfamiliar.

Creatures that embody a fusion of the natural world and human industry. Landscapes reflect the uncanny, sometimes elusive imagery of dreams, myth, and fantasy. Artists share a deep interest in interpreting dreams as conduits for unspoken feelings and desires. They craft stories which investigate our sense of belonging and where boundaries between reality and imagination blur, inviting contemplation and connection.

Featuring Paul Compton, Land de Jager, Chris Ingham, Hannah Caprice, Kim Hyun Ju, Damon Kowarsky, Ying Huang

16 July—27 July

PG Gallery

227 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy