Divided presents works that speak to the current and unfortunately ongoing polarisation of discourse that has moved beyond the political sphere and is rapidly permeating all aspects of public life. Since the early 2010’s, observers have noted that the noise emanating from both sides of the extreme political spectrum are overshadowing moderate and diverse voices.

Divided aims to create a space for reflection and dialogue, using art as a medium to bridge divides and fostering understanding. Works in the exhibition highlight the artists’ concerns and commentary around tribalism, censorship, genocide, patriarchy and political conflict.

Artists include – Khaled Sabsabi, Khadim Ali, eX de Medici, Pamela Leung, Eleonora Pasti, Xu Wang.

“In a world divided by tribe, religion, and ideology, art can be the shawl that covers our differences.” – attrib. to Yo-Yo Ma.

21 August—14 September

Gallery Lane Cove

Upper level, 164 Longueville Road Lane Cove NSW 2066