State Library of Queensland (SLQ)

Deaf Indigenous Dance Group & Sean Davey

Deaf in dance – Feeling the beat

Experience the vibrant and rhythmically charged world of the Deaf Indigenous Dance Group (DIDG), where the art of movement becomes a powerful expression of culture, identity, and resilience.

As a proud Deaf First Nations dance troupe, DIDG are nationally renowned for their stunning dance talent and perform regularly at cultural and arts events around the country. Spanning over 27 years of community impact and engagement, DIDG is a testament to the universal language of dance.

Deaf in dance: feeling the beat shines a spotlight on the talent and accomplishments of DIDG.

This showcase features artworks and digital stories together with photographs from State Library’s collection by photo-journalist Sean Davey.

Cairns-based Deaf Indigenous Dance Group: Sue Frank, Floyd Villaflor, Aviu Ware, Clifford Johnson and Shadrach Sales-Graham and Nathaniel Murray-Fourmile.

Free showcase
Until 16 March 2025

9am – 8pm Monday to Thursday
9am – 5pm Friday
10am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday
kuril dhagun, level 1

The showcase has been created with a focus on accessible design and resources, with Australian Sign Language (Auslan) tours and video content, audio descriptions and a custom tactile artwork that visitors can feel and touch they move through the exhibition.

25 May—16 March

State Library of Queensland (SLQ)

Cultural Centre, Stanley Place, South Bank Brisbane QLD 4000