Creature Comfort

Selected works from the Cunningham Dax Collection. Humans have an important and timeless relationship with animals. Whether it is an appreciation for the majesty of wild creatures or the unconditional love of a furry companion, animals can be a wonderful source of support for our mental wellbeing. Artists across the millennia have shown their appreciation for animals – ancient Egyptians honoured cats through painting, mosaics, sculpture and more, while the famous Lascaux Cave art in southern France gives an insight into how essential animals were to Palaeolithic culture. The Cunningham Dax Collection’s rich source of animal imagery show that many artists with lived experience of mental health issues also found animals to be deserving of their artistic attention. Creature Comfort is our way of saying thank-you to our non-human supporters for their love, companionship, beauty and inspiration.

28 Feb - 17 Dec

Dax Centre

Kenneth Myer Building, The University of Melbourne, Genetics Lane off Royal Parade, Melbourne VIC 3000