Cracker – Colours of Australia

What does the Australian summer represent to you?

Perhaps it is the memory of burning sand beneath your feet as you scamper like a hermit crab to the cool respite of the ocean. It could be the haunting menace of a whiff of bush smoke on the breeze.
A bright cerulean blaze of sky. Rochfort has curated a selection of artists embedded in the Australian landscape, well honed diarists of earth, sky and sea including the renowned ceramic artist, Barbara Campbell-Allen and the passionate colourist, Sally Stokes. Through upheavals in style and inevitable shifts in art movements, the dream of the bush and the constant re-invention of its meaning is never extinguished. Summer is the thread that holds together every memory in a climate that rarely divides itself into four seasons.

12 Dec - 10 Feb

Rochfort Gallery

317 Pacific Highway, North Sydney NSW 2060