Collective Ground

Yamaji/Noongar curator Tui Raven has brought together 60 works from First Nations artists across Western Australia, in Collective Ground — the first exhibition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander works acquired through AGWA’s COVID-19 stimulus package. It explores deep time and the stories that flow through the land on which we all live — as told through the artworks of First Nations peoples across the state.

The pandemic has forced us to consider the way we live and how. Many of us have had to adjust from being in wide-open spaces to being contained in small spaces. It has been a time to reflect on the places we occupy, and the spaces we inhabit, internally and externally. Collective Ground asks the viewer to consider the ground on which they walk.

14 May - 23 Oct

Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA)

Perth Cultural Centre, James St Mall Perth WA 6000