Kingston Arts

Nathaniel Stewart

Collection of the Land // Time & Tempo

A collaboration between the sun, moon and place the land gives us. Focusing on the deep heartbeat rhythm of this country that we experience every day, subtly displayed through our direct and absent thoughts.

Creatively imploring how place fluctuates mood, idea and perspective, outwardly observing internally. The feeling of present while haggling swift/slow semi-unregulated thoughts and memories, past, future and present, ambiently modulated through the difference in geological place based in this country.

An alternative, digital projection by artist Nathaniel Stewart / oldmatee788 that explores the collaboration between the sun, moon and place.

The installation is projected onto The Bridge, a third story walk bridge at Kingston City Hall that’s visible by thousands of commuters travelling along Nepean Highway.

3 July—3 August

Kingston Arts

979 Nepean Highway Moorabbin VIC 3189