Cocoon of Prayers

Endurance Art at NCCA. For one month, the artist Levin A. Diatschenko, will live in a transparent, geodesic dome in N.C.C.A. gallery. Eating only once per day, his time will be spent meditating and repeating prayers and mantras. Each time he repeats himself, he’ll make a tally-mark on paper. When each little post-it is filled with marks, he’ll stick the page facing outwards onto the dome wall. Over the month he’ll enclose himself inside a ‘cocoon of prayers.’ The performance will be live-streamed in 360˚ degrees. Opening night Friday 25 January, 6pm. Artist talk-debrief at the end of the performance, Saturday 23 February 12 noon.

25 Jan - 23 Feb

NCCA – Northern Centre for Contemporary Art

Vimy Lane, Parap Shopping Village Darwin NT 0801