Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

Ian Abdullah, Catherine Clayton-Smith, Nick Collerson, Joe Frost, Prue Hazelgrove, Phil James, Kate Mitchell, Ray Monde, Esther Stewart, Darren Sylvester

Coarse Stories

This exhibition is an experiment – an engagement with ten artists whose work moves through spaces, gathering the experience of their physical, ideological, interior and exterior facets over time. These artists share an awareness of the space they themselves inhabit and too, the space they re-posit in their work. Each is a negotiation of human existence today and explored within the process of a practice (making) and without doubt, living (being). Not one of these artists is limited by their medium, be it canvas, costume, performance or installation rather their work defies finitude through the complex matrix that makes them individual and unique. Like the fierce wind that strikes the streets of Goulburn each Spring, Coarse Stories has swept up many moments from different places, inside ‘n’ out,  kicked each along to gather momentum and settled them down here together. We invite your act of watching, feeling and remembering as an ongoing continuum in the life of each work in Coarse Stories.

19 Oct - 1 Dec

Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

Civic Centre, 184 Bourke Street Goulburn NSW