“Coalescence culminates 17 years dedicated to creating relief etchings, linocuts and monoprints. My material engagement with these mediums enables me to develop pictorial languages based upon personal motifs. Testing the extreme limits of the medium, my detailed etchings are distinguished by their lyric intimacy and acute optical shimmer. My linocuts are drilled, enabling an expansive means by which to animate works on paper with a concentrated intensity: an expressive fluidity is imprinted in reverberant images characterised by their visual rhythm, shape and spatial structure. Working wet into wet, painting and drawing integrate in my mono prints. I identify the textural beauty of chance elements and develop these dimensionally with a focused intent. My meticulous prints are technically demanding. I continually finetune and vary my creative methods, aiming at outcomes in which a perfectionism and a poetic expression converge.”

25 Jun - 9 Jul