AirSpace Projects Inc.

Georgia Emslie

Body Object

The Cranny

This is a body of work rooted in the human response to medical visualisation. There is a sense of strangeness that occurs through experiencing a visual representation of the body that cannot be assimilated into body image. It is a feeling that stands for more than just intuitive response through the way that our bodies are rendered external objects by the medical institution. They are to be kept at a distance, seemingly out of our control and shrouded in mystery.

This ‘strangeness’ has been the instigator of an exploration of the contradictory representations of female form surrounding us – from the medical institute to the sanitised suggestions of female form in the built environment. Body Object links the decorative objects in the surgery waiting room to the reality beyond. By playfully exposing the contradictions in how we respond to representations of the female body, it is ultimately conveyed as unseen.

Opening Friday 7 December, 6pm—8pm.
Preview Friday 7 December, 11am.
Artist talk Saturday 22 December, 3pm—5pm

7 Dec - 22 Dec

AirSpace Projects Inc.

10 Junction Street Marrickville NSW 2204